Starting something new

A few people have asked me why I started this business. Back in July 2015 I made my second visit to Bali in 10 years. The main purpose of the trip was just to have a relaxing holiday in the sun.

While I certainly achieved this, it turned out to be more than that. I ended up having adventures that I never expected to have and seeing places that truly inspired me. If it wasn’t for the adventurous spirit of friends I wouldn’t have gone on the market/cooking class in Ubud where we made some amazing dishes or the mountain bike tour up to the volcano and down through the rice paddies to Ubud (a story for another blog). I wouldn’t have ridden on the back of a motorbike to see amazing Uluwatu with the biggest waves in many years or ridden the cable car down the cliff to witness the awesome beauty of Karma Kandara. We did yoga in an open pavillion, we watched incredible sunsets every night on the beach.

And during the day I happened to visit a few local stores with products that also inspired me. I was impressed by the quality and uniqueness of some of the products being produced in Bali by the locals pushing the boundaries with design and offering something fresh and new. I returned with some incredible memories of that little island jam packed with adventure and life and how industrious those Balinese were in making an honest living.

One day on my return to suburban Melbourne a thought popped into my head. If I like what the Balinese are producing, surely my fellow Aussies would too and anyone else in the world who has the opportunity to travel to Bali or not. And there my concept was born, to bring a little bit of Bali to you.

If I can inspire you with my experiences to do something new or buy something different that makes you feel special or unique and at the same time support the local Balinese to make an honest living doing what they do best, then I will feel rewarded. I found an ordinary trip to Bali turned into something less ordinary and something I would love to share with you. So, have a look at the products on this site and consider how every piece of jewellery is hand crafted with local materials by local hands. Appreciate the beauty of the place and the people. Enjoy, yours AMBali.